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Resource Mining offers software localization tools that help expedite the localization process. These industrial strength tools have been used on hundreds of projects and over one million lines of code and are guaranteed to expedite your localization effort.

What's New at Resource Mining

• TARE Resource Editor Discontinued!

Product Highlights at Resource Mining
arrow.gif (843 bytes) ResMe 5.5 has been released! Version 5.0 was a significant new release with many new features!!! Check out our flagship product that prepares Visual Basic® apps for localization, ResMe String Extractor. Version 5.5 contains the latest bug fixes.


arrow.gif (843 bytes) Now Available!: FREE, FREE, FREE!!! A Windows conversion utility that converts resource files to Excel® spreadsheets and back again. Great tool for Visual Basic® and Visual C++® developers and translators. Click here for info.

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