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ResMe 5.0 String Extractor For Visual Basic

ResMe makes the first step of localization extremely simple because it automatically moves hard-coded user interface strings into a resource file. ResMe is a string extraction utility that removes only "the right strings" from your Visual Basic® source code, replaces them with a LoadResString() reference, and places the extracted strings in a .RES resource file. Many days of tedious, error prone work can be reduced to a few minutes of automated processing! While ResMe performs about 98% of the work, ResMe makes it easy for you to inspect which strings should and shouldn't be moved to the Resource file. Easy to read HTML log files are generated after the project has been processed. Take a guided tour of how ResMe works, or check out the ResMe FAQs page or view the Help files.

See what's new in version 5.0 or just download ResMe. Purchase ResMe here.



  • ResMe examines all the source code in your Visual Basic® project to extract user interface strings that should be placed in a Resource file. Sophisticated, customizable rules are used to determine if a string is a candidate for being translated. A code generator automatically creates initialization routines for all the common properties of controls that have user interface strings.

  • Although automatic selection of user interface strings is a powerful time saver, no algorithm is flawless. That's why ResMe has a built-in easy to use manually correction tool to inspect each string in the project. Strings can be forced into or out of the Resource file with the click of a button. The real efficiency of ResMe is due to its ability to view the context of how each string is used in a line of code or to view the source code in any file of the project.
  • After the manual review is complete, all occurrences of the selected user interface strings are replaced by a LoadResString(#ID) function or your own specified custom function call. A 32-bit Resource file containing the strings is created, along with a BAS file of string ID assignments. The project file is automatically updated with the inclusion of any new routines and files. ResMe is designed to be run repeatedly in order to pick up incremental additions to your projects. All existing resource data is carried forward and any existing string resources carried forward and reused whenever possible.
  • Both a .RES and an .RC files are created. The RC file contains strings grouped according to the file they were found as well as a comment containing the original source code containing the string. Resource file strings are alphabetically sorted.
  • ResMe is designed to be run on the same project multiple times so that new strings in new code can be processed while preserving existing resource strings. It is also possible to add, delete or modify resource strings with Visual Basic before or after using ResMe.
  • ResMe also supports the creation and use of satellite DLLs.
  • ResMe is a site licensed product, one copy can be used by multiple developers.


Key Benefits

  • Automatically selects user interface strings and ignores programmatic strings.
  • Creates a compiled Resource file on-the-fly with the minimum number of string entries.
  • Creates a pseudo translated test Resource file, allowing early detection of localization problems.
  • All user interface strings are replaced with LoadResString(#ID) with ID Const assignments.
  • Generates initialization code for all controls. (Caption, ToolTipText, etc.)
  • Generates HTLM reports of strings that were moved to the resource file, a summary of resource strings, word usage within the strings, before and after source code files.
  • Supports all features of VB 4.0 16-bit, VB 4.0 32-bit, VB 5.0, and VB 6.0 projects.
  • Original project's source code is never modified. An altered clone of the project is made in a new directory.
  • Streamlines translation efforts by only having one occurrence of each unique string, unless you ask for individual strings for each occurrence. (Note that ResMe does not perform any translation of strings.)
  • Does not add any proprietary runtime files to your project. Once you are comfortable with localizable version of your project that ResMe has generated, this becomes your baseline source code.
  • ResMe is very easy to use. It takes seconds to learn and about a minute to run. Just point it at your VBP file and hit <Enter> to all the dialogs. Download the demo and try it on your project. You'll be surprised at how easy yet thorough it is to use.



ResMe String Extractor costs $595 for the Enterprise versions.


Click here for a free demo... Download ResMe Now!

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