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ResMe 5.0 New Features

ResMe 5.0 is a major new release that includes many feature requests from our customers. ResMe 5.0 runs significantly faster and has more powerful processing options as well as an easier to use interface.

Key New Features

  • Strings can be viewed on a file-by-file basis or all at once. (Important when processing projects with a large number of files.)
  • Strings can be added to the resource file or removed from the resource file using the keyboard by tabbing with the TAB key to each string and toggling the string's state with the SPACE BAR key. This is done by viewing the source code file in read-only mode from within ResMe.
  • Multiple occurrences of identical strings can be individually marked for inclusion in the resource file or exclusion from the resource file. In addition, multiple copies of identical strings can be shared or given unique entries in the resource file. (Important for strings used in different contexts that require different translations.)
  • You can now change the rules for extracting resource strings from source code  and reapply the rules to reprocess "on-the-fly" for a more intelligent, customized extraction of resource strings.
  • It is possible to save and resume ResMe processing done on a VB project. (Important for very large projects that might require lengthy string inspection.)
  • Easy to read HTML log files are now generated that show original source code, modified source code, string summaries, project summary, and resource file with navigation links between all files. These logs are easy to navigate with your Internet browser.
  • 2 versions of RC file are now generated: One has strings listed in alphabetical order, like the resource file. A second RC file is also generated with strings group on a file-by-file basis in the order that they appear in source code. A comment line also shows how the string is used in the original source code. (Helps translators!)
  • ResMe 5.0 now adds a comment before each modified line of code that contains the original line of source code. This shows exactly how the code looked before ResMe modified the code and it allows you to easily undo the modification.
  • Strings can be inspected in alphabetical order or sorted according to their usage in source code. This makes it much, much easier to identify user interface strings that should be moved to the resource file.
  • Obvious strings that are "no-brainers" that clearly do belong in the resource file or clearly don't belong in the resource file can optionally be hidden so that your inspection is focused only on suspect strings.
  • The automated extraction of user interface strings has been significantly improved based on feedback from past customers.
  • It is now possible to navigate back and forth between intermediate stages of processing in ResMe.
  • It is possible to specify base resource IDs greater than 32,767.
  • ResMe 5.0 runs about 8 times faster than before!
  • ResMe supports the aggregation of multiple VB projects and multiple resource files into one shared master resource file and corresponding master RC file. This is especially useful when constructing a satellite DLL that serves multiple Visual Basic and Visual C++ EXEs.



ResMe String Extractor costs $595 for the Enterprise versions.


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